10 Mind-Blowing Music Facts

From Monaco's musical orchestra, to the happy birthday song, here are 10 music facts that you can wow your loved ones with.

Over centuries, music has been attainable for individuals everywhere as a form of expression and internal healing. 

As the love for music continues to expand on a global perspective, many music listeners are unaware of the interesting music facts music obtains and sometimes outrageous implications that can change a listener’s perception of music forever. 

Here are a few music facts surrounding music and its many happenings. 


Musicians Do Not Live Long Lives

According to BestLifeOnline.com, an in-depth study conducted by the University of Sydney examined the death rate of artists taking place between the timeframe of 1950 to 2014. 

The study focused on the proportion of suicides, homicides, and accidental deaths in correlation to the longevity of musical acts. 

The longevity was calculated by the average age of death for each musician along with sex and decade. 

Compared to the averages by sex and decade of the general United States population, musician’s lifespans concluded to be shorter by 25 years. 


Singing in a Group Can Boost an Individual’s Mood!

Various studies have concluded that singing in a group setting such as a choir, provides numerous emotional but also physical benefits. 

A further indication of benefits through researchers concluded that singing increases an individual’s spirits and mood. 

This notion is based on the releasing of hormones of a feel-good nature such as oxytocin while decreasing stress hormones such as cortisol. 


Some People Do Not Understand Music’s Impact! 

The University of Barcelona proclaimed that 5% of participants in a music study did not feel any emotion towards music and its many implications. 

The participants did not tap their feet or feel any chills while listening to the music of the study. However, this doesn’t mean that the participants don’t create emotion for other creative outlets such as visual art or dance. 


Finland is the Land of Heavy Metal

If you are a hardcore heavy metal fan, then it made be time to consider a permanent relocation. Several travel outlets have proclaimed that Finland is home to the most bands of the impactful genre. 

With 53.5 heavy metal bands per 100,000 individuals, there is no escaping rock’s legendary sound. 


You Can Record an Album in Space! 

In 2015, the first Canadian astronaut to walk in space Chris Hadfield released his debut album, which was entirely recording outer space. 

The astronaut spent four months at the International Space Station to produce an 11-track album titled Space Sessions: Songs for a Tin Can

The talented musician has additionally gone viral for their unique rendition of David Bowie’s Space Oddity


Music Changes Individuals’ Perception 

The University of Groningen conducted a study in 2011 that concluded music effects on mood, but also its effect on perception. 

The participants of the study showed strong influence by the music they heard based on what they could see. 

The study asked participants to listen to music and identify corresponding smiley faces. Smiley faces that matched the music were chosen accurately. 

However, when smiley faces were not shown the subjects thought they recognised a happy face when listening to happy music and an angry face when listening to angry music. 


Happy Birthday is the most Profitable Song 

With the global famous song, Happy Birthday was created by the Hill sisters in 1893, no one would expect that the song would be the most profitable music material of all time. 

The song’s ownership has developed over the past 100 years as Warner Chappell bought the rights for $15 in 1990. 

In today’s music world, the song created $2million a year in music royalties ($5,000 a day) The monumental song also costs $25,000 to use in commercials, movies, and TV shows. 

This is one of the most playful music facts, isn’t it?


International Strange Music Day 

Created by a New York City musician Patrick Grant, International Strange Music Day seeks to encourage music listeners to play and listen to new types of music that they are not accustomed to or familiar with. 

The mantra is to listen without prejudice.

Concerts, introduction to new types of music for children and other musical events surround the day to broaden individual’s musical horizons.

The day is celebrated every year on 24th August.

Do the Bartman Song from The Simpsons was Written by Michael Jackson 


The early 1990s was a pivotal point for cartoons and television. 

The popular cartoon, The Simpsons, produced many pop culture happenings such as creating the pop hit Do the Bartman

The King of Pop, Michael Jackson, was later confirmed to be the co-writer of the cartoon song but had to do the project in secret based on his contractual agreements to his label. 


Monaco’s Army is Smaller than its Military Orchestra 

The Monaco army consists of 82 soldiers. Compared to the military orchestra, where the band consists of 85 musicians, Monaco is the country whose army is smaller than its military orchestra. 

This does not come as a complete shock based the army has only been used once throughout the country’s history.

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