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Jean Paul Belmondo and Richard Anconina in the movie Itinéraire dun enfant gâté publicity still / Photo: Moviestillsdb

Deconstructing Films by French Director Claude Lelouch

Iconic director Claude Lelouch started his career at 13. At 28, he filmed the classic model of romantic cinema - A Man and a Woman. He involved superb actors of French cinematography. The contemporary trends couldn't be like they are without the creative influence of Claude Lelouch. So, why is he so outstanding?
The Music of the Deaf Community

The Music of the Deaf Community

There is no boundary for how music impacts us. There is a power with understanding the essence of sound. But what actually is sound? Do people with hearing capabilities take sound for granted? There is a common misconception that deaf individuals are not able to experience the glorious sounds of musical interpretation. This false narrative will be examined through understanding the concept of sound, how deaf people interpret music and which part of the cranium process various sound waves. Additional tips on how others can aid the deaf community through a musical experience will be developed.
Programming and coding technologies

Free Online Courses – Machine Learning

Machine learning mainly refers to neural networks. These are computing systems having interconnected nodes and they function similar to the neurons that we humans have in our brain. These systems use data to recognise patterns and correlations and keep classifying them to continuously learn and improve.
People In Search Of Opinions Or Opinions That Hunt For People

People In Search Of Opinions Or Opinions That Hunt For People

Who or what forms our opinion regarding the events that are happening around us? We cogitate about that quite often, but we rarely put our conclusions to a test, somehow believing that our judgments occur naturally on the basis of brain activity.



Virtual tour from your home

Five Virtual Winter Getaways From Your Home

“Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is time for home." This quote by Edith Sitwell is more relevant this year than ever before. Luckily, our modern technology allows us to experience the world from our warm, safe homes.
Free Ways to Stay Fit During This Lockdown

Free Ways to Stay Fit During This Lockdown

COVID-19 is the new freshmen 15 and it is not a matter to be taken lightly. Statistics on weight gain are already bleak pre-pandemic. Globally, in 2016, 39% of adults aged 18 years and over were overweight and 13% were obese.
Who runs the world - conspiracy theory

The Psychology of Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy theories have been with humanity since hunter-gatherer times. There are certain psychological personality traits that make some people more prone to believe them. What is the impact of conspiracy theories on one’s mind - and the world?
Reasons why we avoid the responsibility

Why Most People Avoid Responsibility?

As soon as an individual becomes an adult, irrespective of his or her origin, gender, or personal qualities, he/she inherits one really huge and heavy reality which will never go away – the requirement to take responsibility. The more you grow, the more achievements you realize, and simply the further you move on from a happy child’s world, where everything comes to you almost immediately and effortlessly, the greater will be the responsibilities that you will be required to take on.



Cheerful professionals laughing together

UN Resident Coordination Office Internship in Fiji

Current university students are invited to join the UN Resident Coordination Office in Suva, Fiji on a one-year paid internship. Candidates of various academic backgrounds will join the team in strategic planning, finance, data management, and other fields. The deadline is on 31 December 2020.
Student taking and testing sample of natural water

Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree in Aquaculture, Environment and Society Plus 2021

The Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree offers international students an opportunity to study in up to four centres of European aquaculture research: Scotland, Crete, France and the Netherlands. It will also allow you to gain the practical and theoretical skills needed for a successful career in aquaculture through industry-led research programs, internships and fieldwork. The deadline is on 15 February 2021
Kitchen Recipes: A Young Artist Demanding an End to Domestic Violence

Kitchen Recipes: A Young Artist Demanding an End to Domestic Violence

We use the word home to describe a safe, treasured and lovely place. In spite of this, the four house-walls very often hide the harsh reality of one in three women and girls experiencing physical or sexual violence in their lifetime, most frequently by an intimate partner.

Living Science Fiction: When A Passion For Astrophysics Changes The World

From the time he was a kid, Dr. Marko Stalevski was drawn to the unknown and outer space. His interest led to an education in astrophysics, which took him to research and a PhD degree at the age of 30. Now, his office is in the Atacama Desert, and his projects look like scenes from Star Wars. One of the youngest EU experts for black holes tells his story, pointing out that knowledge, persistence, and hard work are the only way to great discoveries.

StartUps & Tech

Youth Time Family


Neuralink: Elon Musk’s Brain Chip, and the Future of Humanity

The pace of technological development is likely to pose unprecedented challenges to humanity. Neuralink’s brain chips already aim to merge humans with machines. What does Musk’s invention mean to us and should we be worried about the future?
NGO Non Governmental Organization Concept

NGOs: Planting Growth For Humanity

NGOs are non-governmental organisations whose history dates back to the 19th century. They evolved alongside the trade union movement, and both of them have fought for human rights in a plethora of fields. Though contemporary NGOs struggle with some distrust due to major government donations, their input in today’s democracy is nonetheless significant.
The education of the future

Education for the Future – Which Skills Will Be Essential for 2050?

With technology developing faster than ever, the world of working is changing too. In order to keep up with the challenges of the future, education must adapt to the new environment. But which changes are necessary, and which skills will be essential for the next 30 years? In an interview with Kolbrún Pálsdóttir I wanted to find out how the world of education will have to change in the next three decades, in a world with artificial intelligence, automation, and evolving technology. 
Youth Global Forum in Amsterdam: Application Call for Participants and Project Presenters

Youth Global Forum in Amsterdam: Application Call for Participants and Project Presenters

Youth Time International Movement is officially opening the application call for Participants and Project Presenters for its fifth annual Youth Global Forum. Don’t miss the opportunity to spend an exciting week in one of Europe’s tech hubs, the city of Amsterdam, and gain invaluable new skills, knowledge and experiences that will serve as a solid foundation for your future entrepreneurial & professional endeavors. Project Presenters will also compete for the Youth Time Idea Grant (10.000 EUR), fully funded scholarships to study in leading business schools in Europe and South-East Asia, and paid internship. The event will take place in Amsterdam, from December 2nd - 6th with over 100 participants, experts and trainers from all over the world. The application call will close on June 1st.