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The Platform concept

The Platform – Tips on How to Get the Director Right

In 2019, at the Toronto International Film Festival, the European film “The Platform” was introduced to the world. The Spanish anti-utopia struck dozens of people like a thunderbolt, and in a good sense, so Netflix bought the rights and later released the film on its channel. The plot and the general idea concentrate on the social patterns we have in contemporary life. The film starts with a number of stages and ends with the quantity of food to be consumed as the director, Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia, examines religion, racial discrimination, obesity for some and famine for others on the way to a life statement – The Hole. We shall cover more points to get Mr. Urrutia right in this review.
How is it with animals and music

Can Animals Really Listen to Music?

There is nothing more in the world I would rather see, than my furry companion nodding to some serious tunes with air pods kindly pressed upon their furry ears. Comical as it seems, the question has been asked for many generations: Can animals in fact truly listen to the sounds of “The Beatles”, “Bon Iver”, “David Bowie” and even “Nicki Minaj”? Further, do they actually enjoy it? The conclusion may surprise you!   
Future Jobs Project Management

Future Jobs: Project Management

If we may speak in metaphors, project managers are the glue that keeps a diverse team of specialists close-knitted. Being a jack of all trades, these professionals need to master multiple stages of the project development skillfully in order to be able to evaluate the progress of each team member. In this article, we will cover job opportunities, internships, and online courses that will provide project managers with up-to-date hard skills.

People In Search Of Opinions Or Opinions That Hunt For People

Who or what forms our opinion regarding the events that are happening around us? We cogitate about that quite often, but we rarely put our conclusions to a test, somehow believing that our judgments occur naturally on the basis of brain activity.



Scuba diver observing

Diving Scholarships and Marine Conservation

Wouldn’t it be nice to experience the underwater world of the Great Barrier Reef and contribute to marine conservation? In this article we talk about scuba diving, available volunteering opportunities and scholarships to cover the costs of training and travel.
Young woman holding her resume

Tips and Resources for a Killer Resume

Resumes don’t need a preamble since they are so widely used in the professional world that anyone, no matter the position, will likely have had to draft one at some point. Generally under two pages in length, they provide a summary of the applicant’s skills, work history, and education, especially the information that is specifically tailored for the job. Depending on the format and content, your resume can make the hiring process much easier for the HR, and in order to hit the nail on the head, below are some of the points you definitely need to consider while drafting your resume.
Thrifting shopping as a nowadays trend

The Rising Trend to Thrift Shopping

In the ‘90s, thrift shopping was associated mostly with hipsters, and was seen as an option that came with the growing popularity of grunge music bands (cough, Nirvana). This sort of fashion movement was considered an anti-fashion statement because it did not follow any particular fashion trends, and its purpose was not to make your clothes look expensive or new. But we can easily say that nowadays thrift shopping has actually become a fashion trend itself.
Reasons why we avoid the responsibility

Why Most People Avoid Responsibility?

As soon as an individual becomes an adult, irrespective of his or her origin, gender, or personal qualities, he/she inherits one really huge and heavy reality which will never go away – the requirement to take responsibility. The more you grow, the more achievements you realize, and simply the further you move on from a happy child’s world, where everything comes to you almost immediately and effortlessly, the greater will be the responsibilities that you will be required to take on.



Intern at workplace with computer

Microsoft Interns 4Afrika Program in Marketing

The Interns 4Afrika program seeks to offer graduates a chance to grow their careers through the virtual training and placements in Microsoft partner organizations. The six-month internship will offer participants an opportunity to work on real Microsoft projects either in sales, marketing or technology. Application process is ongoing.
Team of journalists

Environmental Journalism Asia-Pacific Media Grants

Asia-Pacific Media Grants program is seeking innovative ideas to enhance environmental reporting and trigger conversations on climate change, pollution, biodiversity loss, and more. Journalist networks, media organizations, or academic institutions throughout Asia and the Pacific are welcome to submit their proposals. The deadline is on 15 August 2020.
The pure gold ore

On the Reserves of Gold – with Dr. Melvyn Lintern, Part II.

Last week we published the first part of the interview with Dr. Melvyn Lintern. Here is the second and the concluding part where we continue the interview with him on gold and much more. You shall read about where one finds the most deposits of gold, the efforts involved, the depths to which one has to go to and the effects of mining on the environment.

Living Science Fiction: When A Passion For Astrophysics Changes The World

From the time he was a kid, Dr. Marko Stalevski was drawn to the unknown and outer space. His interest led to an education in astrophysics, which took him to research and a PhD degree at the age of 30. Now, his office is in the Atacama Desert, and his projects look like scenes from Star Wars. One of the youngest EU experts for black holes tells his story, pointing out that knowledge, persistence, and hard work are the only way to great discoveries.

StartUps & Tech

Youth Time Family

3D printing options

5 Unexpected Uses for 3D Printing

3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, is the process of making three-dimensional solid objects from a digital file. Successive layers of materials are laid down until an object is created. The beauty of 3D printing is that complex shapes can be created using less material than traditional manufacturing methods. The materials used are not limited to the commonly-used plastic. It is possible to use this technology to create clothes, food, housing, and more!
Collage from plastic waste

Precious Plastic: A Global Community of Recycling Entrepreneurs

Precious Plastic is a community that understands that single-use plastic is a huge issue in today’s world. Reports predict that by 2050, the plastic in the ocean will outweigh the fish. This is not only because plastic products such as bottles, straws, and bags are being created at exponential levels. Animals are dying because of plastic pollution as a result. Many people try to reduce their use of plastic and even go the zero-waste route. The Precious Plastic community believes that plastic is a precious resource and should be treated as such.
International Youth Summer School

The Chance to Attend #YTSummer School in Iceland for Free!

Youth Time International Movement invites you to join the dance challenge and win valuable prizes. Send a 1-minute video of your creative dance and enter the competition to attend The International Summer School in Reykjavik for free plus get 100 Euros for your travel expenses. Intrigued? Learn more and hurry up, the deadline is May 15th.

Youth Global Forum 2019: Host City and the Theme are Announced

Youth Time International movement announces its 5th Youth International Global Forum. The event will bring together more than 100 young...