The next destination on our Exotic Escape is Luang Prabang - the historical, cultural, and spiritual heart of Laos.

Many weeks of winter lie ahead, and there is still time to enjoy a special winter vacation. If you are tired of snow, fog, and cold weather, and you just do not like typical winter tourism, there is a solution for you. A perfect destination for winter tourism may be Southeast Asian countries such as Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, and Singapore. You can take a simple and exciting tour by visiting all five of them. So welcome to my new mini-series about trips in the exotic paradises of Southeast Asia – cities, scenery, beaches, and of course warm weather. Each article will contain one town or location in one of five countries.

There is something fascinating about Norse mythology. I am not yet sure if it is because of the complex characters, the deities, or the sagas that were written after the Viking Age. But one thing is certain – you cannot remain indifferent once you read them or listen to them. One of the stories, or rather symbols in Norse mythology, is called ''The Nine Worlds'', and it tells an interesting tale. There are various types of beings that can be found in these nine worlds, and they all represent some kind of world such as: the world of humanity, the world of ice, the world of fire...

The Arctic has been exceptionally warm in 2016, and this is the second year in a row that this trend has continued. While some people call global warming a hoax, scientists certainly agree that the planet is warming, and this can bring many negative consequences for the entire human race.

The City of Budapest is comprised of two parts – Buda and Pest – and those parts are connected with nine incredible bridges. Buda is situated on hills and is located on the right bank of the Danube. In Buda there is a Citadel, which you can see from other parts of the city, and also Gellért Hill, the Royal Palace, etc. Opposite Buda, Pest is in the plain, on the Danube’s left bank, and there you can find the famous Parliament, St.Stephen’s Basilica, spas, Váci Street, Heroes’ Square, etc.

Romania is a country with a remarkable history of achievement: the country with the tallest statue in Europe (the statue of King Decebal); and the country of educated doctors who have changed the world for the better by discovering insulin, various vaccines, a test for cancer, and many other helpful innovations. Romania is also a country of folklore, friendly people, spectacular mountain scenery, and rural life. You can learn many things about Romania in the article Reasons Why You Should Visit Timisoara and Feel Romanian Culture, but it is a fact that Romania is best known as the country of Transylvania, Dracula, and castles.


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