We invite you to journey through Greece and the region of Macedonia. This is the largest region in Greece, however the geographical region of historical Macedonia is much bigger, covering parts of other countries including Bulgaria, FYRO Macedonia, and a small part of Albania. Macedonia is historically a very rich region as it offers much to see from all periods of the past.

Now it’s time for a real adventure. We are heading to an unfairly underestimated country in the middle of Asia – Mongolia. Mongolia is a landlocked country of vast steppes, blue skies, mountains, hawks, horses, historical heroes, and yoghurt. Probably the most famous thing about Mongolia is its great hero and warrior king, Genghis Khan, who managed to conquer almost the whole world and created an empire that briefly stretched from the Korean Peninsula to the Black Sea. The country is large but sparsely inhabited, with only 3mln people. It is still a developing country with one, fast-growing city and large areas where nature remains pristine and inhabitants are scarce. Because of sparse air connections and a not-very-developed infrastructure, Mongolia is hard to get to but is definitely worth visiting, as you will see when you read about it.

It is time for one more destination in our Southeast Asian tour. This time we are going to an amazing island off the southern Chinese coast, known as Hainan Island. Remarkable though it is, Hainan is seldom spoken about and is rarely advertised outside of China. Most foreigners visit only the Chinese mainland, and almost no one knows about China’s tropical island.

It is time for the hot and beautiful coast of Thailand, a country with a very long history, a rich culture, amazing beaches, nice people, and great cuisine. Thailand is a parliamentary monarchy with a king as the head of state. It is the only country in Southeast Asia that was never made a colony by a foreign power. Find out here about Bangkok – Thailand’s beautiful capital on the coast.

Our next amazing destination is Siem Reap, a unique spot in the middle of Cambodia. It is a very special place, with more than 1000 years of history. Siem Reap is combination of local, Chinese, and French influence, which makes Siem Reap and the region surrounding it distinctive and pungently atmospheric. If you are still looking for an exotic retreat in a tropical climate, Siem Reap is a great option for you.

Today traveling has become easier and more accessible than ever. Each year, thousands of cities around the world receive millions of tourists whose only goal is to go on an adventure, discover new places, try new dishes, and get a taste of a foreign lifestyle. Many of these tourists opt for exotic destinations that would fill them with tastes, colors, and often a lot of sunshine. Morocco, a country in North Africa bordering both the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, is an exotic destination par excellence. Youth Time would like to invite you to three of the most visited Moroccan cities: Marrakech, Essaouira and Agadir, and give you the reasons why you should visit these cities at least once.


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