We are continuing our Middle Eastern adventure, and now it is time to fasten our seatbelts and try to step out of our comfort zone a bit by traveling to Damascus, the capital of Syria and one of the oldest cities in the world. All of you know about the terrible civil war which has almost destroyed this beautiful country since it broke out seven years ago. The situation, however, is stabilizing as of the last quarter of 2017, and one of safest areas in the country is Damascus, which has suffered almost no damage during these years. And therefore tourism is reviving again in Damascus.

Let me introduce you to Oman, an unfairly underrated country in the Middle East. Disproportionate attention is given to the UAE, Qatar, and other countries in the region. Oman, in contrast, is rarely noted despite fact that it offers a lot.

The Middle East is a region so rich in history and culture to which many travelers from around the world choose to travel, in a quest for an exotic exciting experience that won’t be easy to forget. Lebanon, a small Middle Eastern and Mediterranean nation, has an incredibly rich history dating back to thousands of years ago, making it a large open air museum. Despite its relatively small size, it does offer unique diversity, breathtaking natural wonders, and a mix of cultures and customs that isn’t found anywhere else in the region. Its capital city Beirut, has been nicknamed the “Paris of the Middle East”, and it really does live up to this name.. Lebanon offers you the opportunity to live a memorable experience and to gain a new perspective on this part of the world, and we, your favourite guides, would like to tell you how! After a long visit to numerous cities in Lebanon. I documented the best experiences lived in the country’s most captivating spots.

We continue exploring the Middle East. Since we have given you a short intro into sights and culture of the UAE, it is time to visit another country in the region. You never know when you will have a chance to come to the Middle East again, and it is useful to have in mind what you should see. It is time, therefore, for Bahrain - one of the smallest and richest countries in the world. Bahrain is a small archipelago in the Persian Gulf located between Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

It is a recipe which has been followed by all classical authors of world literature: if you want the Muse to pay you a visit, leave the noisy city behind and move to a quiet place, where life proceeds calmly and smoothly, without hustle and bustle – a place where the presence of people is so unobtrusive that you will think about it only if you happen to stumble upon a passer-by. A year ago, I discovered such place in the Czech Republic, and after paying it several visits, I have completely fallen in love with it.  

The Global Youth Forum in Dubai, UAE is coming up soon. This means that you will be looking for a good guidebook to Dubai as you will definitely have free time to sightsee and explore the culture of this Arab country. Once you get there you will have to visit the other cities in the United Arab Emirates while having in mind other destinations in the Middle East. The Middle East is a real treasure with a great culture, history, and people, and I will give you an overview of the interesting countries there. So let’s start this guide to the charming world of the Middle East with Dubai and Abu Dhabi, two jewels of “the Kingdom of Oil”.


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