It is a recipe which has been followed by all classical authors of world literature: if you want the Muse to pay you a visit, leave the noisy city behind and move to a quiet place, where life proceeds calmly and smoothly, without hustle and bustle – a place where the presence of people is so unobtrusive that you will think about it only if you happen to stumble upon a passer-by. A year ago, I discovered such place in the Czech Republic, and after paying it several visits, I have completely fallen in love with it.  

The Global Youth Forum in Dubai, UAE is coming up soon. This means that you will be looking for a good guidebook to Dubai as you will definitely have free time to sightsee and explore the culture of this Arab country. Once you get there you will have to visit the other cities in the United Arab Emirates while having in mind other destinations in the Middle East. The Middle East is a real treasure with a great culture, history, and people, and I will give you an overview of the interesting countries there. So let’s start this guide to the charming world of the Middle East with Dubai and Abu Dhabi, two jewels of “the Kingdom of Oil”.

It’s easy for any of us to overlook our good fortune. I started realising this as our adventure was coming to the end. Seeing many unique forms of pure happiness among our local friends reminded me to appreciate my own blessings. The people of Bali express it through being. Not having. Through giving. Not taking. All of these new perspectives about life, visible in the contrasts between our two different worlds, is what we brought home with us. We left Bali dancing salsa. There was no better way to celebrate all that this journey had taught us.

Traveling to a faraway island in the middle of the Indian Ocean, you never know what to expect. You feel restless and eager to see what is waiting for you once you step off the airplane. Then suddenly, you wake up one morning with a yellow frog stuck to your bedroom window glass, or you spot a curious centipede in the shower, or huge white parrots start singing to you from the top of a palm tree. A whole new world. Still, what was most precious about Bali was its people. They showed us many different ways to be more generous and to live in the present. So we kept listening. And each day of our journey, we became more and more „present“.

The People of Bali believe everything in the world has a soul. A tree, a flower, a teacup, or a book, and especially hand made creations. Their whole philosophy revolves around this belief. What guides them is a motto: Do not ask for - give. The humility, grace, and generosity of the Balinese followed us wherever we went, teaching us crucial life lessons on our 15 day journey. We kept them in the back of our minds, but somehow, we forgot how important they were. Life doesn’t have to be complicated if you live in accordance with yourself - most of all, in accordance with your soul.

Made, Adi, Komang, Ade, and other friends from this remote paradise island were unforgettable teachers.

And we thank them for that.

Summer is still going on, hot and sunny. If you haven’t yet been to the sea, or if you want a somewhat different approach to a summer holiday, here are some options for you. There are lots of interesting opportunities and among them are amazing lakes which are no less interesting and are good for swimming and spending a summer holiday on the shore. The tourist infrastructure of many lakes is very developed and can accommodate many visitors. The entertainment possibilities of such places are also significant. In this guide, read about alternative summer spots such as lakes.


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