Nature took a shortcut this year and straight from winter, brought in a few summer days. Don´t get confused though, beautiful spring, full of blooming beauty is taking it‘s slow baby steps towards enlivening of the atmosphere while it creates the most gorgeous surroundings. Leave everything behind for a while and go through our gallery for bit of recharging.

All through my childhood, my parents tried to fool me with the same April pranks over and over again – but one can't fall for this forever.  With the passage of years their pranks worked less and less well, so it wasn’t until I was called by friend with surprise in her voice: "So where are you, I am waiting at the Florenc bus stop, as agreed?", that I panicked again and began getting organised to pick her up.

With the rise of social networks, a new category has grown - traveling clichés. Surveys show that more than half the users of social networks get inspired for their holiday photos by a gallery of people with whom they share the status "friends". No wonder that a countless number of people kissing the Sphinx or holding an Egyptian pyramid or the Eiffel Tower at the tip are circulating on the internet. Apart from the absolutely necessary photos of served food in a restaurant it seems that every single tourist of Pisa took it as a personal goal to straighten the local leaning tower by pushing it back or supporting it. At the top of bad taste are views with unsightly bulky thighs in front or even those slender ones - absolutely must be shared. Among others are also photos of cocktails, selfies with sun glasses or those with pursed lips. According to the DailyMail one third of people on social networks have the tendency to block such profiles. So be carefull that you do not lose friends.

People have unique ideas when it comes to hiding valuable objects and money. Whether they were or are in difficult situations or just need to hide their savings, the places where they choose to conceal their belongings might be surprising.

Super Bowl brings together more than 110 million people in front of TVs and believe it or not, a quarter of people claim ads are the most important part of it. With companies spending at least $5 million for a 30-seconds ad, they put out strong messages, force us to think differently and most importantly, make us laugh until we cry.

Where is it acceptable to be late for dinner? In which country is a messy floor in a bar a good sign? Where should you slurp the soup? Read on to discover unusual dining customs from around the world.

Most Europeans share similar superstitions, such as fearing to walk under a ladder. However, each country also has its own signs of bad luck. Read on to discover some surprising European fallacies.

Foxes (jap. kitsune) are found all across Japan and are common subjects of Japanese folklore. They are lovable, playful, and quite unpredictable. The fox is an unusual animal, with doglike characteristics and catlike behavior. Foxes are solitary rather than social, they are stealth hunters, mostly active at night, but at the same time are good parents to their pups. It is possible that their dual nature has served as a key inspiration for the myths and legends about Kitsune – the wild shapeshifting and tricky vulpine youkai (jap. supernatural monster, spirit, or demon in Japanese folklore).

We all know language is a living organism, and that it gets improved and enhanced each year. The time has come when Millennials are taking the lead in creating and determining the path along which the English language will be developed. Each year, new phrases and words are added by young people, so one can even say that the largest demographic in the world today – the Millennials – are speaking in codes as fewer adults each year are able to understand what they are saying. So to keep you updated, here is an overview of the phrases that were introduced in 2016 and that are changing the English language as we have known it.

Did you know that each year approximately 500 billion cups of coffee are drunk around the world? However, not every cup is the same. Read on to discover the ways coffee is served in different parts of the world.


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