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The Dutiful Life Cycle Of Certain Species

They are born, they grow, they mate and they die. That in a nutshell would be the life cycle of certain species on this planet. The main purpose of their life is to produce the next generation. Most of us assume this life cycle belongs only to insects. We are wrong and some kinds of animals may surprise you.

YT Careers Tips: What It Takes to Become an Accountant

The very first questions that arise in the head of a potential student are, “What do I want to study?” “How does this or that field line up with my characteristics and interests,” and “What is the ‘nature’ of the field?” The answer, however, is more complicated than expected, given that every field has its drawbacks and also its positive aspects. Therefore, every student should undertake rigorous personal research into the fields under consideration, including seemingly endless Internet search, research by word of mouth, lists of offers, and other sources.  With the intention of serving as one of the available sources, this article provides an insight into Accounting, which is one of the best-defined fields in the business sector, and aims to bring clarity to the student’s path from day one.

Talent Meets Bertelsmann 2019

Talents with entrepreneurial, innovative mindsets are invited to participate in the international networking event “Talent Meets Bertelsmann 2019” from June 24 to 26 in Berlin. The deadline is on 5th of May.

The Most International Universities in the World

Here Youth Time Magazine publishes four of the most interesting and informative youth related news items of the past week. Our weekly news roundup is published every Monday and Friday and contains just some of the most important developments in the world of global youth. This time we talk about problems of 17,000 British students who had plan to study in Europe under Erasmus+ programme, Amsterdam University to drop bachelor's degree in Dutch, and most international universities in the world. Follow, like and submit comments on Facebook and other Youth Time media.

Youthopia Activist Camp: Fully Funded Opportunity in Berlin

30 young activists from all over the world as well as 30 youngsters from Berlin will come together at the Youthopia Activist Camp 2019 to work on democracy, sustainability and universal equality. The deadline is on 10 May 2019.