Gabriela Motroc

Gabriela Motroc

There’s a quote which says that timing is everything, but that’s not always the case. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have their dream jobs, but for those who don’t feel fulfilled yet, stay strong! Maybe you cannot afford to change your career or maybe you don’t want to destroy the perfect rhythm you’ve created. Benefits may count too especially if you have your habits and you don’t want to break them.

Asking for business referrals is not an easy job. Luckily there is a pain- and embarrassment-free way to collect business referrals in a heartbeat.

New school year, new you! Lifehack has concocted a list of websites that can teach you a set of new skills for free.

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is more important than IQ because it shows people’s ability to fell, understand and manage emotions and behaviour. Unlike IQ, EQ can be learned no matter the person’s age, but study and practice go hand in hand with an enhanced emotional intelligence. has concocted a list of five TED Talks which promise to help you increase self-awareness and start identifying areas for improvement.

Images alone don’t cut it anymore, so even though adding them to social media can be effective, they may also be buried under trending new stories and selfies and ultimately become irrelevant. Brian Hughes, CEO of Integrity Marketing and Consulting wrote in an article for Entrepreneur that interactive social content is “the key to standing out in this sea of digital clutter.”

Change is a scary thing, especially if it involves your career. Many people get stuck in a career direction they dislike but refuse to make a change because they cannot overcome the fear of the unknown. If the paycheck is good and the office is close to home, why change your job, you may ask. If you are not appreciated enough or at all or if the work is mindless, if you spend most of your day surfing the Internet and you cannot wait to go home, you are in dire need of a career change. Here are some warning signs to watch for – they will tell you if it’s time to change your career or simply make some adjustments.

The Hartford Financial Services Group estimated that millennials will make up 75 per cent of the workforce in the United States by 2025, but these numbers are likely to characterize the working situation of millennials across the globe. Millennials are social media enthusiasts, natural born leaders and incredibly self-efficient. However, they too have difficulties when applying for jobs.

Working from home can be stressful for employers and distracting for employees. However, as long as managers hire accountable people who don’t fake-work, working from home is a win-win situation because trust breeds productivity. Here are the top five apps that help you become more productive and make sure you don’t fake-work.

There are many costs associated with taking a language exam, especially if it’s a household name such as IELTS or Cambridge. However, spending money on tutors or dozens of books can be avoided if you are truly dedicated to studying one way or another. Study International has concocted a list of free ways to prepare for your IELTS exam.  

Emotional intelligence (EQ) influences the way we behave and how we make personal decisions to achieve positive results. Dr Travis Bradberry argues that EQ is more important than IQ. Dr Bradberry believes these are the signs that prove you have a high EQ.

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