This time I am going to take you on a special journey in China. Since most of you know about China’s big cities, ancient towns and villages, temples, mountains, the Great Wall, great history, tea, meditation, amazing architecture, gardens, martial arts, culture and cuisine, it is time for something different and alternative. China is home to 55 ethnic minorities, some of which are pretty small and count only a few million members or as few as five thousand. So I have chosen three very interesting and unusual ethnic groups about which people rarely hear and which have very distinctive ways of living. Also I will identify their indigenous regions or towns so you can visit them as they offer a unique cultural experience.

Not just a city of waffles, the EU, and good beer, Brussels is famous for its love for comic books. Since the early '90s, walls across the city have been decorated with characters from popular comics and their authors, and tourists are getting more and more curious about them.

Since you have already been introduced to the ancient towns of China and also to the Chinese Venice, it is time to discover the heart of traditional Chinese life, which is the rural China which exists alongside the modern China and yet is separate and apart from it. Visiting a Chinese village will be a journey into the past, and it will give you an experience that you will remember the rest of your life. Today we will speak about Cuandixia village, one of the most interesting villages in the Chinese countryside and a place where you can experience the traditional customs of rural China, unchanged for centuries.

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