Amsterdam is renowned for being a commercial and cultural crossroads since a long time ago, and offers young people access to the many arts, entertainment and social activities in the city. It has many of the best universities in Europe and worldwide, and English is spoken by almost everyone. Comfortable cafes for studying and working are plenty, and here are the top 5.

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Experts say that depression is sickness of 21.century. Today is depression used in every kind of situations and because of that people are not sure what definition of depression really is. How to fight or deal with it? We spoke about it with a master psychologist and psychotherapist Dragan Žuljević.

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When organizing the first TED conference, creator Richard Saul Wurman stated clearly how he wanted to define the conference: “I just wanted to throw the world’s best dinner party.”

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Berlin might very well be the most popular European city among the young people and is known for its urban charm. People from more than 190 countries live in Berlin, making it one of the top multicultural cities in Europe. It is a major business and science location, attracting students and workers and providing them with comfortable cafes to concentrate on their work while enjoying delicious coffee. Here are YT top five of them.

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Many young people today prefer to study or work in an inspiring and motivating environment of a good cafe rather than at home or office. We decided to put together several lists of such places in the most interesting European cities, starting with Prague. Student Zone has come up with a list of top coffeehouses in Prague that enable youngsters to concentrate on their work.

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Here we have compiled a list of recommended books in a range of subjects that will get you started on your road to expertise, from drawing to quantum theory and from singing to running your own business.

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The importance of presentations during our studies or work really deserves attention. How many times you had been in presentations you had difficulties to concentrate? Thus, you have to avoid this when you are presenting in order to achieve a desirable result. Nowadays, definitely the best way to have a good presentation is to benefit from programs and online platforms that are offered for us through technology. So, do you want more creative ideas, colors or backgrounds that will facilitate your job and make you feel more comfortable? Let us give it a try to improve the way you do and share presentations.

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There is something about a little coffee drink on a winter afternoon or  evening meeting with a friends that just always works. We have collected some of the best recipes of  coffee drinks from all over the World that you can make at home. Enjoy.

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Modern young people go for a job or to various exchange programs all over the world. Some of them are truly happy to have those opportunities, and some find adaptation period really difficult. We’ve discussed this issue with the professor of psychology, Vladimir Mihic, who gave us few tips about how to adapt easier when a person getting out of a comfort zone, out of home.

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A great team can successfully fulfill the most challenging assignment and also have fun on the way. We are giving you a few fun tips how to improve the atmosphere in your team.

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