As someone who has traveled throughout Europe, the Middle East, the Caucasus, and the Caribbean, I have heard loads of stereotypes about North Americans that I would like to address as half truths, exaggerations, or just downright false.

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No one is really sure what culture means, nor what cultural appropriation would be defined as. We often notice when people around us get offended by the mispronunciation of a word in their language, or with the fact that a fashion accessory is actually a tribal piece. Here is what you can do to stop appropriating other people’s cultures.

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The lack of trust in democratic institutions such as elections among European youth is evident. However, young people have, in fact, become even more politically engaged by choosing non-traditional forms of participation, via the Internet, over conventional acts of voting.

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In this article I would like to share with you my experience of what it feels like to be a mom and a graduate student at the same time. You probably think that now you will have to read the endless complaints of a young mommy…. But, no, I will be merciful and try to avoid this. Instead I would like to focus on the good things I learned in these two years thanks to my current status. Here are the top five skills I have mastered.

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Music seems to be everywhere in Cuba. It is as if it’s in their cultural DNA. The first day I spent in Havana consisted of wandering the vibrant streets and sulking in the smell, the sites, and the sound - especially the sound. After a hearty meal of Cuban cuisine my friends and I stumbled upon a band rehearsing their set in a large building, and as they saw us enjoying the free concert from the outside they invited us in. I immediately strayed from the group because I saw a man sitting by himself playing the guitar.

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7/4/2016 - 12:00 am

Has Street Art Sold Out?

Street Art has always been associated with fighting the mainstream and criticizing mass consumerism; but today, these ideas seem to be getting along pretty well. Is that a bad thing?

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Artificial Intelligence, or A.I. as it’s commonly called, was once something straight off the pages of a Science Fiction novel, but it is quickly becoming a part of our everyday lives. Apple, Microsoft, Google and Facebook are in a race to build the best A.I. and pave the path for technology’s future. And now that this technology is becoming mainstream, it is introducing a whole new set of problems.

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While the Look West policy has made possible gigantic financial gains for most African nations, rewarding them tremendously, many Zimbabwean young people are adopting Western lifestyles, which has left many cultural experts worried that local culture and tradition are being lost because of this trend.

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Who has the power and authority to define what success is? The reason I am asking this question is because of a recent conversation I had with my best friend. Our mutual friend became the topic of conversation, and I was told that he happens to be making much more money than the two of us. My friend expressed a slight resentment at the fact that him and I are both college graduates who are making less money than our mutual friend who, as far as I know, never saw college in his future.

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When we arrived at Robin Food the smell of carrot soup pervaded the air. Buzzy atmosphere, open kitchen, colourful paintings and walls, high ceiling and a cheerful dog wandering around with a melon in mouth. The first experience at the Guerrilla Kitchen, a collective run by volunteers in Amsterdam, was quite eye-opening.

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