Salman Khoshroo’s portraits seem so honest and yet impartial, that they make you quiver. Perhaps that happens because what he does in his paintings is laying human soul open. Psychology is his primary interest in art. Khoshroo’s studio is similar to a psychologist’s consulting room, and his paintings come as personal diagnosis for different people. Each face looking at you from his paintings is a face of an ordinary Iranian. Each face makes you wonder about what one man is able to understand about the other, and about how this comprehension is possible without words. These are the Khoshroo’s paintings that we choose to dedicate our photo project to. The interview with the Youth Time reveals what is motivating Salman Khoshroo and what is moving him forward.

In today’s highly competitive job market, with an excess of capable candidates, people tend to turn to experts for advice on how to nail a job interview or how to be a good team leader. Hardly anyone could be a better expert in the field than a person who has gone from zero to hero. One of them is Ivelina Georgieva from Bulgaria, who studied in the United States and now resides and works in Prague.

It’s no longer so easy to impress the crowd with just ordinary paintings or sculptures. Show me something different. If you haven’t seen these seemingly impossible to create carvings on the graphite of a pencil yet, then right now you have a perfect chance to finally be impressed by something extraordinary.

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