Valery Bulavskaya

Valery Bulavskaya

RSS feeds, social media, blogs, podcasts and online TV – Internet, like a hurricane, rushed into the media space and blasted all traditional notions of information, its delivery and accessibility. Very few industries have experienced such drastic changes so quickly as a journalism. But what new media are actually about? And what opportunities they bring? Meet Australian "youth to youth" media project called SYN.

Do you think it is right to organize children's activities through labor and monetary relations or should childhood remain as it used to be?

What could be better than an old nostalgic look at your childhood that would bring up the best memories of winter in every one of us? In order to help you create these cozy evenings with either your beloved ones, or your family, or with your kids, Youth Time has prepared a collage of Christmas and New Year’s cartoons from long ago as well as the recent past.

The subculture of steam and goggles, Victorian threads and romanticized writings is relatively new. Steampunk is a subculture that evolved from the Victorian science fiction literature genre about the power and influence of steam machinery and technology.

Donald Guichard – an All-Around Engineer about His Groundbreaking Innovations.

It’s no longer so easy to impress the crowd with just ordinary paintings or sculptures. Show me something different. If you haven’t seen these seemingly impossible to create carvings on the graphite of a pencil yet, then right now you have a perfect chance to finally be impressed by something extraordinary.

Kevin Murphy is known to many as a crazy hesher with long hair, the drummer from Headset, the guitarist for 411 and, of course, Farside. Living most of his life in Southern California, he attended San Diego State University to please his parents, graduating with a degree in US History with a minor in Comparative Religion. At 8 he got terrified by Gene Simmons from Kiss at his first concert, and when he was 11, the 1984 Black Flag show changed his life. After 5 lessons from a guy at the guitar store he started to master his guitar skills and eventually figured out drums. Practice teaching killed the ambition to become a teacher, and an unconscious drive to be in the New Wave, combined with the influence of his elder uncle, took over his life. Preferring to create rather than learning the music of others, he became an influential character in the history of the underground music scene of the ‘80s and ‘90s in America. Let’s see what he has to tell about his long experience in music, after numerous changes in his life.


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