When Professor Jordan Peterson from the University of Toronto decided to publish his psychology lectures on Youtube he had no idea how popular they would be.

Every day, hundreds of donkeys, tipper lorries, wheelbarrows, head pans, and shovels are used to dig sand running into millions of tons and move it to where it is used in building houses and constructing other structures across Nigeria. Many people ignore the fact that the indiscriminate digging of sand is dangerous; and that encroaching on farmlands can reduce farming activities needed for food security and income for farmers and more revenue to the government. Farming reduces poverty and hunger. Apart from the fact that natural resources should be used properly, local residents should be made to understand the consequences of acting otherwise.

8/1/2018 - 10:00 am

Gaming & Brain Empowerment

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Contemporary scientific research is demonstrating that gaming can be a brain-empowering activity (if played for a reasonable amount of time). The next time you hear someone say something like “I play World of Warcraft”, try not to belittle the activity.

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