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Call for Changes in Australian Tertiary Education

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The campus of the University of Sydney in Australia The campus of the University of Sydney in Australia

We’ve highlighted below some of the most recent reports in youth-related news and events. In this week's Friday news summary, we speak about a publisher that survived a stand-off with German and Swedish universities, call for tertiary education changes in Australia and the record number of Scottish students that are being awarded university places. 

A publisher survives the dispute with German and Swedish universities
It was assumed that a stand-off between online publisher RELX and German and Swedish universities will hurt publisher's business and its largest division Elsevier. However, its first-half results show that this is not the case. Chief executive Erik Engsteom stated: “We achieved good underlying revenue growth in the first half of 2018, and continued to generate underlying operating profit growth ahead of revenue growth.”  In total, revenue fell by 1 per cent to £3.65 billion while on an underlying basis revenue rose 4 per cent.
Call for changes in Australian tertiary education
A report by the multinational professional service company, KPMG states that proposes  ‘a cohesive tertiary education system’ and unified funding framework for Australian education.
The federal government is responsible for organisation and funding of higher education, whereas state controls the colleges. This lead to inequality in terms of funding disparity between university and vocational courses. However, Chief Executive of Universities Australia, Catriona Jackson, believes that the proposed changes would damage "world-class university system.”
Record number of Scottish students awarded university places
The number of Scottish students who have been awarded a university place has risen to a record high. Almost 30,000 students are admitted onto different courses, reports Independent. Figures from the Scottish Qualifications Authority show there were in total 191,951 entries and 147,419 atrained a pass grade. John Swinney, deputy first minister and Scottish education secretary, stated: "Results day is a time to celebrate the achievements and dedication of learners right across the country, especially in this the Year of Young People.”
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