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В соответствии с «Глобальным индексом рабства» (GSI), составленным австралийской правозащитной организации Walk Free Foundation, современное рабство — преступная деятельность международного масштаба, оказывающая влияние на судьбы свыше 35 миллионов человек по всему миру. 61% от общего количества случаев рабства приходится на пять стран, в число которых входят Индия, Россия и Китай. Известны такие виды невольничества: принудительный труд, долговая кабала, торговля людьми, сексуальная эксплуатация и бытовое рабство.

13/4/2016 - 12:00 am

Důvod, proč se sami nudíme

Stále více a více mladých lidí připouští, že chytré telefony narušují jejich životy, a ačkoli si této skutečnosti jsou velmi dobře vědomi, nemohou si pomoci a stráví stále větší množství času se svými přístroji.

London is one of the world’s most popular student cities with the best universities around the globe. There is something for everyone in this city and this is also true about comfortable cafes ideal for studying and working. Here are the top 5.

More and more, young people admit that smartphones are disrupting their lives, and although they are well aware of the fact, they cannot help but spend an increasing amount of time on their devices.

An idea of a stable office job can either excite or frighten you, and if you are frightened then you probably have already thought of freelancing. Working from home, or from wherever you are at that given moment, looks like a seemingly easy thing to do; however, only a small minority of people manages to succeed in it.

Are you thinking of studying in the United Kingdom? There are good universities and then there are the most elite ones, and this country certainly has the latter. Getting accepted and becoming one of their students can be harder than you could ever imagine.

Have you ever wanted to find your twin? Although it seems quite improbable, in a world with almost 7 billion people, chances are some of them do look incredibly similar to you. Before the Internet, finding your twin seemed to be a crazy idea but now that almost everyone has an account on social media, you can actually embark on a search for your doppelganger.


28/4/2015 - 12:00 am

Best Apps to Discover Prague

Whether it is your first time in Prague or you’ve been living in this beautiful city for quite some time, there are many apps that can make your life easier. From travel guides to public transport to affordable places to eat – there are apps for everything. Prague has a lot to offer and it would be a pity to miss out on an adventure so check out these many lifesaving applications.

Are you happy with your current career? It all depends on your occupation, as some jobs are more likely to make people happier than others, according to a recent list produced by CareerBliss.com, a career community in the United States.

Probably everyone has thought about investing at some point in their lives. This is why investing apps are now on the rise – these apps help everyone invest spare change automatically from everyday purchases.

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