From the pope leading the Good Friday service in the Vatican, to children hunting for eggs in the U.S. Easter is celebrated in many different ways around the world. Most of the celebrations relate to symbolism of fertility while in some countries the celebrations are about welcoming the spring season. In Central and Eastern Europe men playfully whip the bottom of women with a willow whip, in Finland children dress up as cute little witches and go asking for chocolate eggs in the streets while in Norway they read thrillers during Easter. Whatever the way, a celebration is a celebration and welcome at any time.

Each calendar year, the European Union names two cities as European Capitals of Culture, and during that year there are many cultural events in the selected places. This is a great chance for the designated cities to move into the center of attention, become bridges of communication, gain social and economic benefits, and become locations where international activities take place. With this approach, diversity of cultures and common efforts for mutual understanding can be encouraged. This year's capitals are the capital of the region of Frisia - Leeuwarden and the Maltese capital - Valletta.



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