Home is probably the most important place in your life. That’s where you spend a lot of your time, relax, sleep, eat and even work. It may not be a mansion with everything you could ask for, but there are certain ways to make it feel like one and make yourself happier and calmer, away from the chaos and noise of the outside world. Creating a stress-free home, where you can feel relaxed, safe and filled with positive vibes is not an impossible task. In fact, it is simpler than you might think. Here are 8 simple ways to help you create a more peaceful and serene house.

It was the fatal year of 1914 when Franz Ferdinand d'Este left his summer house in Chlum u Třeboně, and headed with his wife Sophie,  to Sarajevo. It also was here, a  few  days later, their three children learnt they had become orphans. Chlum u Třeboně can offer not just a rich trip into history, located in South Bohemia, near the Austrian border with a flat landscape filled with ponds, it offers  a beautiful summer vacation.

It is possible to have a summer break during which we enjoy the sunny weather, spending time with friends and family and traveling here and there, but at the same time keep an active and energetic attitude that makes us productive while having fun during our favourite holiday season. Here are 5 effective and doable tips to help you have both a productive and enjoyable summer, one that you will never forget.

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