AirBnB is an online community marketplace for people to list, find, and book private accommodations around the world. It has over 2 million homes listed in more than 190 countries, and more and more people around the world are deciding to rent their flats or rooms via AirBnB to earn some extra money. But inviting people from different cultures into your home often means seeing unusual things left in your fridge and being asked strange questions by your guests. 

It was last summer and I had just decided to stay in my hometown instead of moving to a foreign country. I took a friend to the beach one day, and knowing that she was moving to Arizona soon, wanted her to soak up the California sun. We went to the beach and as I enjoyed the cool breeze on my face and hot sand beneath my feet, I could tell something was bothering her. I saw her take a picture of the ocean on her phone and take a sigh.

29/9/2016 - 12:00 pm

Best Festivals In October

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Another month has passed, and we are entering October with its new collection of best festivals all around the World. Don´t miss an opportunity to enjoy yourself with your friends. Scroll down and read more.

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