I am by no means an expert in linguistics and am far from being fluent in anything but English, but I have decided to share with you all a few language techniques I have come across that have helped me with my desire to learn the Russian language, and I intend to apply these techniques to every language I learn from here on out.

3/11/2016 - 4:00 pm

Best Festivals In November

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November is inexorably here, but if you are not yet hibernating, don´t and get inspired with some of the best sparking events of this month instead. Though cold and grey in many parts of the world, thankfuly there are celebrations and festivals to make it more bearable.

How to use all the technical advantages of the XXI century and remain the first and the best? This and many other questions were answered by communication specialists from Google, The Economist, CNN International, BBC News, Wochit, Czech radio, Radio Liberty, and many others during the News Impact Summit, which was held in Prague in mid-October.

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