Grese Sermaxhaj

Grese Sermaxhaj

What are the factors that determine the direction of life? According to some psychological tips, and also from my personal experiences, we are likely to make decisions and conclusions, be it consciously or not by the way we think. So, I consider it being of a great important to learn and try to control our mind. Although of course this is not an easy thing to do, it is something that deserves your attention and commitment.

The process of education is always more successful if it is companied with exchange between the youth. These days there are a lot of different events striving to improve cultural exchange. By this article you will have the chance to know about The HNMUN (Harvard National Model United Nations).

Have you ever wondered how an idea can gather supporters around it? Here is a story of #HEFORSHE campaign and it’s architect Gerardo Porteny Backal. Youth Time contributor Grese Sermaxhaj met Mr. Backal in the USA while he was presenting his project “Young Man for Gender Equality” to students.

Infographics isn’t actually a new thing. Before it have been created by hand using simple ordinary tools such as paper, pencils, markers, and rulers. Today, in the era of technology, the process of infographics creating turned to be faster, easier and is available for everone.

The importance of presentations during our studies or work really deserves attention. How many times you had been in presentations you had difficulties to concentrate? Thus, you have to avoid this when you are presenting in order to achieve a desirable result. Nowadays, definitely the best way to have a good presentation is to benefit from programs and online platforms that are offered for us through technology. So, do you want more creative ideas, colors or backgrounds that will facilitate your job and make you feel more comfortable? Let us give it a try to improve the way you do and share presentations.

We become what we repeatedly do. Have you ever thought why do we do what we do in life and business? Well, this is exactly what Charles Duhigg talks about in his book ''The power of habit''. Our daily life, our routine and the way we react to things we are surrounded by is basically the voice of our habits, most importantly the way how we spend time and how we as individuals are accustomed to behave.

Mankind today is facing the consequences of astonishing progress in technology and information. In recent years even traditionally violent regions in Europe – have achieved a degree of relative political stability in the face of daunting challenges. Kosovo, however – a Balkan state is still not able to enjoy full freedom of movement on a par with other European countries.


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