Ala Oueslati

Ala Oueslati

The Middle East is a region so rich in history and culture to which many travelers from around the world choose to travel, in a quest for an exotic exciting experience that won’t be easy to forget. Lebanon, a small Middle Eastern and Mediterranean nation, has an incredibly rich history dating back to thousands of years ago, making it a large open air museum. Despite its relatively small size, it does offer unique diversity, breathtaking natural wonders, and a mix of cultures and customs that isn’t found anywhere else in the region. Its capital city Beirut, has been nicknamed the “Paris of the Middle East”, and it really does live up to this name.. Lebanon offers you the opportunity to live a memorable experience and to gain a new perspective on this part of the world, and we, your favourite guides, would like to tell you how! After a long visit to numerous cities in Lebanon. I documented the best experiences lived in the country’s most captivating spots.

1996 was the year that marked the birth of the first ever cloned mammal, a sheep known by “Dolly”. The controversial procedure consists of creating a genetically identical organism without any sexual means. It has been more familiar in farming and agriculture, when producing plants, but clearly does not initiate debate and stir emotions the same way when it comes to cloning animals and possibly even humans. The question that arises among people in regards to this topic is whether this practice is fair and ethically acceptable.

Home is probably the most important place in your life. That’s where you spend a lot of your time, relax, sleep, eat and even work. It may not be a mansion with everything you could ask for, but there are certain ways to make it feel like one and make yourself happier and calmer, away from the chaos and noise of the outside world. Creating a stress-free home, where you can feel relaxed, safe and filled with positive vibes is not an impossible task. In fact, it is simpler than you might think. Here are 8 simple ways to help you create a more peaceful and serene house.

Summer is the long-awaited season of the year that marks the beginning of holidays, trips and festivals. In Europe, the scene is rich with a festive atmosphere and a variety of summer programs that attract visitors from all over the world. Like every summer, Europe hosts such amazing and diverse music festivals across the continent, serving all music tastes from Rock to Jazz, from Pop to Classic, and featuring the world’s best performers and artists. We have selected 5 festivals that you should attend at least one of them this summer.

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On The Road To Somewhere

As Marcel Proust once said “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes”. From Western Europe to South Pacific, from Scandinavia to South America, Guillaume Poidevin, a travel blogger from France is in a constant quest for the unknown. His ultimate goal in life is to experience the great diversity our world holds with his own eyes, just like Marcel Proust said. In this interview, he talks to us about his trips, his early inspirations and what motivates him to travel the world. He also shares with us his travel blog and tells us how he keeps it interesting and inspiring.

It is possible to have a summer break during which we enjoy the sunny weather, spending time with friends and family and traveling here and there, but at the same time keep an active and energetic attitude that makes us productive while having fun during our favourite holiday season. Here are 5 effective and doable tips to help you have both a productive and enjoyable summer, one that you will never forget.

Happiness and productivity should never be long term ambitions. Being happy and productive often relies on simple tips and on steps that we can start taking right now and turn into daily habits. In part 1 of “The Simple Way to a Productive and Happy Life”, we discussed eight very simple techniques that could help us to become better versions of ourselves, ready to be positive elements in our world. In the second and last set of these life-improving tips, we would like to go through things that require more than just doing simple tasks, things that might need a little more effort and commitment. With determination and the necessary effort, anything is possible. And for that reason, the “bigger tips” we are about to give you might be just what you need to participate more effectively in the world and realize a more fruitful lifestyle.

The recent years have marked a change in the way we deal with our health, comfort and wellbeing. We have never given attention and focus to these issues as we do today, and that perhaps is because of the way we evolve, adapting to all kinds of exterior circumstances, but also thanks to the development of evidence-based programs, science and technology. It goes without saying, there is always room for improvement when it comes to our lifestyles and daily habits, but little did we know, the very habits we adopt are the production of our own perception of comfort and convenience. So perhaps we need some minor changes that would enhance our productivity, improve our health and wellness and most importantly, give us more happiness and serenity. Here are 8 tips you could apply in your daily life, for a radical change that would make you a different person.

Today traveling has become easier and more accessible than ever. Each year, thousands of cities around the world receive millions of tourists whose only goal is to go on an adventure, discover new places, try new dishes, and get a taste of a foreign lifestyle. Many of these tourists opt for exotic destinations that would fill them with tastes, colors, and often a lot of sunshine. Morocco, a country in North Africa bordering both the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, is an exotic destination par excellence. Youth Time would like to invite you to three of the most visited Moroccan cities: Marrakech, Essaouira and Agadir, and give you the reasons why you should visit these cities at least once.

People have different tastes and preferences when it comes to choosing their next holiday destination. Many tourists prefer to spend their holidays in Europe’s most famous cities. But what if people shift their focus from Western Europe and move a little bit towards the East. Not the very Far East, just far enough to get you to a unique country that has fascinated travelers throughout the years: Georgia, the pearl of the Caucasus. We chose a few of these things to share with you and invite you to a real Caucasian journey.

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