Free stuff is the best, especially stuff that works in our favor. Online app stores offer us a wide range of little helpers that can add a touch of creativity to our busy lives. Since we spend so much time on our mobile and other devices, we could put their possibilities to good use.

Did you know that today you can make toast by simply riding a bicycle? Yes, that’s right. Just like the phones that you can now charge in Amsterdam Schiphol and Brussels airport just by rolling the pedals. With only thirty minutes of cycling you can charge a telephone. News about the telephone charge isn't new; however, watching a piece of bread be toasted while somebody cycles certainly surprised me. Surprised me and made me think of how many new dimensions technology can offer nowadays.

Every year brings new inventions, breakthroughs, and scientific advances that lead the world forward. We have picked the most remarkable, useful, and amazing inventions of the first half of 2016 to understand what directions our roads are taking and what things we won’t be able to live without in the near future. Some of them sound like fantasies, but we will explain.

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