I consider myself an ordinary app user; I´m not an expert. That´s the reason why I decided to ask a very good friend of mine, who´s studying telecommunications in Madrid, about the most popular apps in today´s global market.

9/6/2016 - 1:00 pm

Redesigning Death

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Death can be such a morbid thing. We all experience it at some point in our lives and yet, it can be difficult for us to talk about it. It is for this reason that the way we handle death and the rituals surrounding it, have remained relatively untouched over the course of time. However, with new environmental stressors and the increase of technology, there are a number of designers and innovators who are rethinking and redesigning death to be more sustainable, more practical and more beautiful.

With thousands of new apps becoming available every day, the abundance of consumer choice shows no sign of letting up. The experience economy is in overdrive and while we are all on a quest to get, do and experience as much as possible, Asian consumers in particular have become experts in cramming more into every moment.

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