We got a chance to talk with Yuri Bashmet right after his performance at the railway station of the resort town of Adler in Russia. The idea to perform classical music at a venue like that might have come across as strange for someone, but as Basmet explained us later on, his whole life is connected to railway stations, being on the road and with the subtle experiences of meetings and partings.

On 1st of March came to a conclusion term as president of Uruguay for Jose Mujica. He has been described as "the world's 'poorest president", due to his austere lifestyle and his donation of monthly salary to charities that benefit people in need and small entrepreneurs. In this article we are going to focus on the most interesting moments of Mujica's political career.

Did you ever challenge yourself? Or feel that you could be much more? Then get your inspiration in story of Emma Fick (23).

Have you ever wondered how an idea can gather supporters around it? Here is a story of #HEFORSHE campaign and it’s architect Gerardo Porteny Backal. Youth Time contributor Grese Sermaxhaj met Mr. Backal in the USA while he was presenting his project “Young Man for Gender Equality” to students.

Teens nowadays command millions of fans on social networks, appear on most popular TV shows, write books, start companies and win Nobel Peace Prizes. However, some teens are above the rest. Time Magazine published a list of the most influential teenagers on Monday and included stars like Lorde and Malala.

Are you interested in Youth Time activities and going to apply for YT Global Forum? If yes, stay tuned. This week we're going to show up several stories about projects that got YT financial and organizational support in the past. At last year’s Rhodes Youth Forum, Nepalese Renu Shakya presented the “Happy Grandmas” project. It dedicated to help grandmas in Nepal to grow their own business.


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