In 2012, during the presidential election in the Czech Republic, the whole world got to know Vladimir Franz when major global television channels put his tattooed face, piercing, and white smile on viewers’ TV screens. After this election campaign experience Franz admits that, a lot of things connected with politics make him laugh.

RSS feeds, social media, blogs, podcasts and online TV – Internet, like a hurricane, rushed into the media space and blasted all traditional notions of information, its delivery and accessibility. Very few industries have experienced such drastic changes so quickly as a journalism. But what new media are actually about? And what opportunities they bring? Meet Australian "youth to youth" media project called SYN.

In the following article we will share a few stories about young women who have put the methodology of service learning into practice. These are not examples of pure altruism, because all the heroines of these stories have openly admitted that they realized the opportunity for personal benefit from doing what they did. There is no doubt that, in the end, they gained more than they gave.

We cannot sustain life if we do not believe in peace and develop feelings of optimism and confidence. Many People around the world are drawn to, and inspired by these feelings, and they use them to make world peace less like a dream and more like a reality.

Creativity and passion of Neven Ljubicic for films made him decide to try something unusual and record a movie with his friend Radica Števanov while they are walking 200km through Serbia, from Belgrade to Mokra Gora. He didn’t have enough money to pay this trip but he found out for site Kickstarter, site.

With his opponents waiting for the tiniest faux pas, Alexis Tsipras led the Radical Left party SYRIZA to a long-waited victory on January 25, 2015. “The verdict of the Greek people ends, beyond any doubt, the vicious circle of austerity in our country. The verdict of the Greek people annuls today, in an indisputable fashion, the bailout agreements of austerity and disaster. The verdict of the Greek people renders the Troika a thing of the past for our common European framework”, he declared the night of the elections from the podium, when the counted votes secured an undoubted victory.


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