After waterfalls, let us invite you to another stunning and a natural beauty. This time, the most impressive cliffs,  around the world. This mini series will help you discover places you may not have known about.

Time to visit Russia this summer...if not in reality, surely on the film screen. The list of Russian movies we have  prepared  for you will introduce you to some classic drama, a true story and a film related to  current topics. Sit back and enjoy.

The Biblical confusion over languages was interesting, wasn’t it? How simple life would have been if everybody spoke in the same tongue. Let’s check today, the number of different names a city can have.

Today, we will take a trip to some of the bygone times which are important milestones of our recent history, through the lens of the camera.  As we all know, we absorb visuals more easily than written matter. Check out our gallery.

We love traveling. It’s also a fact with travel becoming easier we go to far away countries and come across people of different cultures. This  also throws up opportunities to try out different cuisines and local specialities. It’s a good idea to do away with the familiar and the usual fast food, be a little adventuresome and  try out the distinctive tasting local fares on the menus.

Subway stations don’t usually evoke very pleasant feelings. On the contrary they are often ordinary and ugly. You will be surprised to know there are some subway stations around the world that are far from ugly or even ordinary. Especially in the case of the Russian subway stations, some of these are comparable to many dancing halls and galleries in their detailed work. Come, have a look with us.


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