Who does not love mountains? Breathtaking views, real closeness with nature, hiking, and winter sports. But in addition to that, Central European mountains give a chance to get to know the specific folklore of their peoples – including the Gorals. Did you know that one of the most notable highlanders in history was Pope John Paul II? Keep reading to find out more about the Gorals, the native ethnic group of the Carpathian Mountains.

If you feel at home on social networks, you might want to look into this  opportunity. It's one of those jobs where no particular education is crucial to finding a position in the field, although a minimum requirement is obtaining a master’s degree in areas like business administration, marketing, or human resources. We are talking about Chief Listening Officer - a brand new profession that has arisen as a response to accelerating customer activity requiring constant attention and a response capability from corporate side.

Another week has passed, and it is time for our overview of youth-related news from around the world. This time we bring you a few inspirational stories alongside a few surveys and some advice, especially for our fellow Millennials in the U.S. So sit back and keep scrolling.


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