The refugee crisis, as it has been called, is still a hot topic. While some look at the refugees as human beings, others consider them to be intruders, often supported by the media. This week’s five movies speak to the topic of immigration in general. It is admirable how beautifully these movies capture the essential qualities of patience, humility, and humanity. Do not miss them.

The cost of living is very steep nowadays, in some places – like New York for instance – almost beyond reach. To be able to live there, New Yorkers must compromise on both price and privacy. But what if an apartment could be designed in such a way that eight functional spaces could fit into just 40m2?  Just watch this to learn more.

Nicholas Hilliard was the first great native-born English painter of the Renaissance. Hilliard portrayed almost the whole of Queen Elizabeth the First’s entourage, so his art was essentially aristocratic. He specialized in painting miniatures of members of the Tudor court. He had a workshop where he designed portraits, miniatures, decorative paintings, and woodcuts.


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