With the global population increasing every year and large multinationals such as Monsanto, Kellog, DuPont, and others heavily committed to agriculture and seed development, there will be a natural demand  for professionals in the agribusiness area. Agricultural science is a very broad field, including agricultural biotechnology, aquaculture, forestry, genetic engineering, food science, microbiology, soil science, and the list could go on and on. 

Longitudinal study or time-lapse movie making - these could be two ways to characterize the five films we bring you in today's article. Some of them are documentary movies, another occupy the border between movies and documentary films, and they take a little bit from both. Sometimes production took several years or even decades. The action is usually quite slow, and the plots tend to be less important than the character development.

March 3rd is World Wildlife Day, and it will be an opportunity to celebrate various forms of fauna and flora and also turn our attention to the initiatives required to fight criminal violations of laws designed to protect endangered species and environmentally sensitive habitats. The 2016 theme focuses especially on African and Asian elephants, which have been ruthlessly killed by traffickers in tusks. Let's check out some of the most engaging animals of Uganda, in Africa.


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