Do you like foie gras, pastry with poppy seeds, salmon, or chewing gum? These and many other food items are forbidden in certain parts of the world. Which ones and why?  There are many different reasons, as you will now learn.

Bread has been an important factor in the human diet since the earliest times. Bread also appears in many idioms and sayings, and bread exists in most cultures in various forms. The importance of flour as the crucial ingredient in making bread is obvious, and it isn’t limited to bread. Today we examine the usual and unusual uses of cereal grains.

25/9/2018 - 3:23 pm

Tour Through Brazil

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Following up on the tour through Canada that we made last week, there is another place in the New World that we would like to take you to.  Located in Latin America, Brazil has plenty to offer: fabulous scenery, diverse ethnicities resulting in a very rich culture, and also the famous Carnival in Rio de Janeiro.

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