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‚Unnatural‘ Trees Around The World

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Dragon tree - Dracaena cinnabari, Yemen Dragon tree - Dracaena cinnabari, Yemen

To describe the shape of a tree really is a task for a child in the kindergarten. What happens when the usual description does not fit? That is the situation with the most unusual looking trees around the world. Check them out.

Baobab trees in Madagascar

Kangaroo Tail or Australian grass tree

General Sherman - the largest tree on Earth, Sequoia National Park, California.

Rainbow Eucalyptus Trees, Hawaii, USA

Bottle tree, Socotra Island

Famous Boab Prison Tree, Western Australia

Fig and silk-cotton tree

White silk cotton tree

Kapok tree

Dragon tree - Dracaena cinnabari - Dragon's blood - endemic tree

Wollemi Pine tree. Rediscovered in New South Wales. Referred to as living fossil.

1000 years old Angel Oak Tree on John's Island, South Carolina

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