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Tour Through Peru

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Machu Picchu, Peru / Photo: Dennis Jarvis Machu Picchu, Peru / Photo: Dennis Jarvis

Following up on tours through Brazil and Venezuela from the last two weeks, we will stay for yet a while longer in Latin America and visit another country there - Peru. Apart from visiting the iconic Machu Picchu, there are other places to go in Peru. One thing is for certain. While most guides warn visitors about the dangerous parts of the Peruvian capital at Lima, nothing can threaten us while going through photographs of the places that are worth seeing.

Machu Picchu, Peru / Photo: Dennis Jarvis

Cusco, Peru / Photo: Pedro Szekely

Colonial streets, Lima, Peru / Photo: Latin America For Less

Colca, Peru / Photo: Pedro Szekely

Ollantaytambo, Cusco, Peru / Photo: Dennis Jarvis

Cusco Sacred Valley & Incan Ruins 005 - Sacsaywamán, Peru / Photo: McKay Savage

Citadel and terraces, Pisac, Peru / Photo: Eduardo Zárate

Marinera - coastal dance of Peru / Photo: Asier Solana Bermejo

Knitting at the Gate, Puno Province, Peru / Photo: auntjojo

Costa Verde, Lima, Perú / Photo: Edu

Quishuar, Huancavelica, Peru / Photo: vladimir prieto

Cathedral of Lima / Photo: David Stanley

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