People without know-how would be lost if it weren’t for the more talented writer-scientists who actually take the time to create popular science books about the fields they know well. This article demonstrates that we have many books on neuroscience, genetics, memory, nature, time, and black holes. And all of them amazing.

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Central Park – a notable landmark in New York City, a green oasis (sometimes also referred to as the lungs of New York) surrounded by skyscrapers. With a sizeable area of 843 acres, it might be assumed that the park was always a part of the Commissioners' Plan. The opposite, however, was the case.  New York City’s population expanded rapidly before the second half of the 19th century, and the growing need to escape from the rush and noise of the city became the question of the day.

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In today's article we look under the lid of the language of cooking. Confit, Flambé or en papillote . . . not ringing any bells? Then read further down to master the cooking terminology that will make you a pro.

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12/12/2017 - 4:00 pm

Home Made Gifts

Home made gifts have been drifting into the "unwanted" category. No wonder, when they have so often consisted of strange knitted shapes and patterns, typically lacking imagination. Time to put an end to it. The rebirth of crafts is the topic of the day. Home made presents can be the best choice and having no need to make them from scratch.

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The fragrance of a conifer in the living room is an inherent part of Christmas.  A reasonable size, a beautiful shape, and marvelous decorations . . . but which type of tree should you choose this year?  Herewith, a complete guide to the most common Chritmas trees.

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When else than in winter – when everything is so quiet, and life feels slow and unreal. Waking up gradually, looking from the window where, preferably, there is a white snowy layer . . . and starting the day with a long feast of a brunch. Is there anything better?

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5/12/2017 - 4:00 pm

New Christmas Decorations

Believe it or not, the custom of decorating Christmas trees is close to four centuries old. The tree was initially hung from the ceiling upside down, then later placed into a stand shaped like a cross with the tip to the top and trimmed with available decorations made from such materials as wood, paper, corn, straw, dough... The ornaments hanging from the tree have clearly changed since those days, and so has the diversity of the auxiliary decoration. Get inspired.

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4/12/2017 - 4:00 pm


Great anticipation at one end and at the other end, a crash under the pressure of things-to-do-before Christmas. For many, that is the traditional summary of the last month of the year. What you can do about it is make a To-Do-List with a realistic approach and exclude everything that is not really necessary. After all, Christmas is about joy, isn´t it? Get inspired.

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What would be the night temperature in your home? Between 17 - 19 ° C is considered suitable for a good night‘s sleep. Only two degrees below that – at 15 ° C – the temperature gets very uncomfortable for most people, the usual result being a cold nose and eventually a headache from the cold. Now, reducing that by another 20 ° C will take you to night temperatures in one of the most unusual hospitality concepts you can imagine. And there some incredible websites to visit to learn more about it. Discover ice hotels this winter, and hurry up since the season last only four months each year.

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Time is moving fast. We are almost in December, and this Sunday will be the first day of Advent. To mark this occasion we have prepared a complete guide to making an Advent wreath so you can light the first candle on time. Suitable for beginners.

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