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Phenomenon Called The Internet - Reality Of Today

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From the movie Men, Women & Children From the movie Men, Women & Children

The way we live, what we share and whom do we share it with, how much can we know somebody...who controls whom, friends and online friends...These films depict the modern world we live in and how life has become in parts.....a travesty.

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This superb documentary shows how we are willingly exposed by the major search engines and social media and how valuable is the personal information we provide to them. Definitely worth watching. 


This film was the official selection for the Toronto International Film Festival. This excellent documentary is mainly directed towards the young, their actions on the internet and how all information about their activities is archived. Scary. 

Men, Women & Children 

This powerful film also deals with the vulnerability of the young through the internet and the social media and how resistive they can be to the guidance of their parents. The film also covers the dilemma and stress parents go through trying to protect their young offspring. Furthermore, is of course the secret lives people live hiding behind the internet. 


This chilling thriller deals with the dangers people can succumb to on the internet and the the dangerous world out there. A must watch film both for adults and the young. 

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