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Olomouc Through Photographs

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Chapel of St. John Sarkander in Olomouc / Photo: Martina Advaney Chapel of St. John Sarkander in Olomouc / Photo: Martina Advaney

University cities are the new topic of our weekly series, and the aim is to bring to our readers the best of the places that are truly students‘ cities. One of these is Olomouc in the Czech Republic – a beautiful small city nearly 300 km east of the capital of Prague. Whoever visits Olomouc will agree that it is a wonderful place to live. Olomouc’s slower pace, as the locals happily admit, makes people cheerful and welcoming. What more does Olomouc offer? See our photogallery.

View at Olomouc city centre / Photo: Martina Advaney

Saint Wenceslas Cathedral - a Gothic cathedral at Wenceslas square in Olomouc / Photo: Shutterstock

Minor Basilica of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary on Holy Hill, Olomouc / Photo: Shutterstock

Chapel of St. John Sarkander in Olomouc / Photo: Shutterstock

Olomouc - Upper Square with the Holy Trinity Column (UNESCO) / Photo: Martina Advaney

Church of Our Lady of the Snows in Olomouc / Photo: Martina Advaney

Olomouc - Lower Square with the Marian Column / Photo: Martina Advaney

Town Hall in Upper Square in Olomouc / Photo: Martina Advaney

Town Hall in Upper Square in Olomouc - Detail of the Astronomical Clock / Photo: Martina Advaney

Smetana orchard in Olomouc / Photo: Shutterstock

Historical facades in Denisova street, Olomouc / Photo: Martina Advaney

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