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Not Just in Raw Form – Vegetables Prepared Ten Different Ways

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We discussed the difference between fruits and vegetables in our most recent article in the series on Basic Ingredients in the kitchen, this one titled Fruit Prepared Eleven Different Ways. This time we explore the possibilities of using vegetables in the kitchen.

Vegetables, compared to fruits, which are limited by their sweetness, offer more and different approaches to their preparation.


Ceasar salad

Greek salad

Paste / Dip

Guacamole (Mexico)

Marrow paste (Ukraine)


Tomato sauce

Svickova sauce (Czech Republic, Austria) = creamy sauce made from root vegetable,


Pumpkin soup

Tomato soup

Side dish

Sweet potato mash

Vegetable skewers


Korean pickle 

Variable vegetable pickles in jars

Baked vegetable


Jacket baked potatoes

Vegetable gratin

Cauliflower broccoli gratin

Stuffed vegetable

Minced meat quinoa vegetables stuffed eggplants

Stuffed peppers

Vegetable pastry

Pastry tart with asparagus, broccoli courgette and feta cheese

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