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12/10/2017 - 4:00 pm

Facts That You Probably Didn´t Know

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Did you know what invention did a dentist come up with? Did you know what invention did a dentist come up with?

There are loads of facts that are not a matter of daily speculation. Things that we are not actively thinking about, simply because they are not crucial. And when we come across them, there is the inevitable "Ahaa, it didn't occur to me" moment. Did you know these?

Which muscle is attached only at one end?

The tongue the only muscle in the body that is connected at one end only. 

Which is the digit that is missing in Roman numerals?

Zero cannot be expressed with Roman numerals. 

What oil do they use for cooking in submarines?

Peanut oil is used cooking in submarines, because it emits no smoke at temperatures below 230 degrees Celsius. 

Marching soldiers . . .

. . . cannot march across a bridge, because the vibrations of the synchronised steps might cause the bridge to collapse. 

Tipping in restaurants in Iceland

It´s not customary to tip in restaurants in Iceland. It can even be considered an insult. 

Googol / Google . . .

. . . is a large number with a hundred zeros added on – 10 100 . It is mostly used for comparing large numbers, otherwise the term has no specific reason to exist. The system is also used by Google, the name of which originated with a typo.  Further, Google was once nearly the subject of a court case between the founders of Google and the family members of the mathematician Edward Kasner, who popularised the term „googol“, which had been coined by his nephew, Milton Sirotta, when he was nine years old.

Which metal never corrodes?

Gold is  the only metal that doesn’t corrode. 

Have you ever tried to lick your elbow?

Keep trying. It is considered impossible to touch the tongue to the elbow. 

Electric chair

The next time you visit your dentist, be cautious. It was a dentist Alfred P. Southwick, who came up with the idea of the electric chair. 

Army salute

Saluting probably originated in the era when knights lifted up the visors of their helmets to see who was in their field of vision.

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