Everybody has his / her beginnings and so do movie stars. Those who over the years became recognised for their talent, often were struggling during their initial years. For some it meant decades before they reached their respective summits. This week our movie offer will take you back in time to see your favourite movie stars the way you may not have known them and at the same time see some of the movies that got tucked away in history.

There is no need to recall the notorious sequence, lasting only a few minutes, where Dustin Hoffman as Raymond Babbitt protests before boarding a plane with his brother Charlie due to its accident history. After citing all the other known incidents involving other airlines, the only one left is the Australian airline Quantas, which unfortunately does not fly the route from Cincinnati to Los Angeles. Now what are the realities of safety in the air for the year 2017 according to AirlineRatings ? You can find out in our gallery.

The number of signs you pass by on your everyday journey and some of them you don't even notice. It's only while travelling and seeing all the unusual traffic signs which warn or inform you of one situation or another is when you really get alert. I myself found the most interesting signs while travelling in Australia. Judge for yourself in our gallery.

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