We have all read articles about how students can get the most out of high school, and we know how parents can help their kids get through this problematic period. But what today’s teachers do to survive high school?

Are you an adventurous person, and do you like working with children or teenagers? Do you also have some previous experience with this kind of job? Then there is nothing better than for you to start applying for Summer Camp positions. Here are several types of Summer Camps, such as multi-activity day camps, adventure camps, language camps, and others.

A prosthetist specializes in designing artificial limbs, while an orthotist designs orthopedic braces, for example surgical supports or corrective shoes. This will strike some as a difficult field to go into, but it is a creative, technical, very helpful and, ultimately, well-paid profession.

A language like no other, spoken by a people whose appearance on the European continent is shrouded in mystery. Delicious food, amazing music, and four hundred different dances. The heritage of the Basques is not only enigmatic but also rich and fascinating. Are you ready for a culture trip? Read the article below to find out the best ways to encounter Basque culture.

You may remember the scene from the sitcom Friends, where Rachel gets her new job at Bloomingdale's as a personal shopper and dresses her first customer, Joshua, from head to toe. The position of shopping assistant or personal shopper is a common job in high end stores, but that is not  necessarily the alpha and omega of it. Also, while often it does relate to the fashion industry, that does not mean it cannot be otherwise. It is a profession that helps and advises people with their purchases. Let's get a little bit closer to find out more. This article contains a video interview with the world‘s most famous personal shopper, Betty Halbreich.

A flavorist is a chemist responsible for discovering just the right combinations of certain substances, such as chemicals, botanical extracts and essential oils, to create and re-create natural and artificial flavors for use in food and beverage products, oral hygiene products, lip cosmetics, vitamins, and medicines

With the global population increasing every year and large multinationals such as Monsanto, Kellog, DuPont, and others heavily committed to agriculture and seed development, there will be a natural demand  for professionals in the agribusiness area. Agricultural science is a very broad field, including agricultural biotechnology, aquaculture, forestry, genetic engineering, food science, microbiology, soil science, and the list could go on and on. 

For the past four years we had structure: school, work, and study. We had professors, mentors, and fellow students holding our hands along the path to our diplomas. Now most of us have moved back home and are on our own. Our clubs have new presidents, no more exams to study for, and we’re stuck with the sense that someone is going to come along to help us. The truth is, there is no guarantee that someone will.

While on the most popular career list for 2016,  dominate professions related mailny to the areas of IT and medicine, such as Network System Analysts, Programmer, Software Engineer; Physician, Medical Assistant, Veterinary Technicians, Physician and Surgeon and so on..., there are occupations, which are quite interesting and fetch good income.  These are lesser known areas and consequenty have lesser competition. In this series, every Wednesday at 16:00 CET, we would like to introduce you to those professions worth more than just a good look. 

In recent decades the family has become the subject of investigation in numerous disciplines that highlight the strong impact of relations within the family on the educational development of the individual. The anthropological fact that underpins education is under the eyes of all: the human person is not, but becomes. To become herself/himself, the individual needs those who accompany her/him on this path, because the individual cannot make it alone. The first "other" that the child meets at the first moment, is then the parents, who are the link to the life which will become.


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