Researchers just don’t let you be! Many years ago when I was little, I was told eggs are healthy, whole milk was good and lard was used regularly for cooking. Along the way, researchers came up with theories and results ‘proving’ otherwise. Although researchers mean well the problem is their studies keep contradicting each other. Let’s take a closer look.

Not bad at all, endowing oneself with and being known by such highfaluting and pretentious titles. Known as the Sun King and Great, Louis XIV of France was the longest reigning monarch ever. Continuing with our series revealing the skeletons in the closets of monarchy let’s delve a little into some aspects of the life of this Sun King.

The importance of vitamin D is indisputable. The simplest and the most serious health issues may originate with a lack of vitamin D.  Our grandmothers knew about this quite naturally and also understood the symptoms of lack of vitamin D; and yet, the knowledge got lost somewhere. Not only do we no longer benefit from this fundamental wisdom, but when we want to check up on our vitamin D level, we may hit a brick wall.

Yes, it’s true that too much hand washing causes us to reduce our immunity due to loss of good bacteria that protects us. Compulsive hand washers tend to fall sick more often, most especially during Autumn, Winter and Spring. At the same time, following some basic rules with the bacteria causing areas in our homes and offices is recommended.

In our series ‘out of the closets of the royalty’, this is the story of Prince John of the U.K. and queen Elizabeth’s uncle who was banished to live in obscurity.

Last week, we commenced with Empress Elisabeth of Austria, in our series, out of the closets of Royalty. This week let’s have a look into the life of Rudolf II, variously known as Holy Roman Emperor, Archduke of Austria, King of Bohemia, King of Hungary and Croatia.

Many years back in two neighbouring villages in the U.S. researchers were baffled that despite the comparatively unhealthy diet those living in that particular village, suffered less heart problems and other health problems than the village next door. After years of research and studying many habits of the inhabitants of the two villages the researchers came to the conclusion that in one village lived the descendants of the Dutch and the other village was inhabited mainly by the descendants of Italians. The Dutch were relatively much less interwoven as a community than the Italians who traditionally live closely knit with their neighbours, relatives and family. So despite the pasta and cheeses, Italians lived longer because they were surrounded by people.

Gone are the days when man and woman met on social occasions and wanted to be introduced. Gone are also the days when men would woo a woman and the process of romance was entirely different. According to many browsing profiles is a lot quicker and less disheartening than going the old established way.

Can you imagine how your life might be without your best friend? Who would listen to all of your terrible jokes or have your back any time you got into trouble? As humans, we rely heavily on friends for support, companionship and even when we want to kick back and have some fun. In fact, whether in social or professional spheres, it is generally accepted that forming strong bonds and partnerships with one another can often bring about positive results. But did you know that throughout the animal kingdom such partnerships are also formed, and not just within a single species?

Claims that Auras are a part of paranormal activity were debunked by Semyon Kirlian and his wife Valentina Kirlian. Together they discovered and went on to develop, what is known as Kirlian photography. The Kirlians explained that images that are generated by Kirlian photography depict an energy field that surrounds all living things. They further went on to explain that the energy that circles all of us can actually be photographed and show a life force or the energy field that reflects the physical and emotional states of individuals.


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