Less Sometimes Is More – Narrative Photography


Less details, less distractions – this could be the description of the following photo gallery. Photos, which do not divert attention with too many details. The minimal use of objects as supporting pillars tell the story.

No Surf Today / Photo: Darren Flinders

At 10:35 AM / Photo: Georgie Pauwels


Jump / Photo: minoru karamatsu(柄松稔)

Resting before a fly / Photo: Pavlina Jane

Calm / Photo: Daniel Sjöström

Field Cologne / Photo: dronepicr

The Old Man And The Sea / Photo: Phuket@photographer.net

Hit and Run / Photo: Vincent Albanese

Rouge / Photo: Didier ZMI

Happy family / Photo: Daniele Faieta

Crossing_1 / Photo: hans-johnson

The fishing man / Photo: Peng Zhang

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