Here is Why You Should!


Traveling solo is not for everyone. Some people feel intimidated by the thought of being somewhere in the unknown by themselves. However, traveling alone is not as scary as some people think it is. In this article we came up with some positive aspects that might help you answer your question in favor of the lonesome adventure.  

It’s less stressful

When you travel solo and belong to the generation of young adults, chances are that your travel budget is quite limited so you probably won’t do any extravagant trips that will end up being so complicated to organize. You pick a place, you book a flight, get a hostel (no worries about which five star hotel is best because you probably just care about having a roof over your head), pack only the necessary things and off you go. Depending on your destination, it can be as easy as that.

You are more independent and free to choose

Imagine yourself walking through the streets of a beautiful old town. Suddenly you see a shop selling pretty objects you really want to have a look at. You go in, have a look around but just as you start enjoying yourself and think about whether or not to buy a little souvenir, you realize that your travel buddies are already ahead of you, waiting for you to finally finish and get back to them. For those of you who do not like to be limited by the wishes of others, or those who don’t like to let other people wait, solo travel is a good solution. Feel free to do whatever you want for how long you want and when you want it. Be it taking a few moments longer to capture the perfect shot of the sunset in front of you, or be it slowly strolling through the halls of a museum. When you travel on your own it is all up to you and you don’t have to worry about pleasing anyone.

You can learn to be more social

Some travelers appear very shy in real life but once they go to new places, they become different people. Solo travel gives you the chance to re-invent yourself without the fear of anyone judging you because no one probably knows you yet. Take the courage and talk to the waiters while waiting for your meal, the locals you meet while trying to find your next attraction on your trip or other fellow travellers who seem just as lost as you. See it as a new beginning each time you visit a new place. When you have the chance to show yourself at your best, it may be a good idea to use it.

Expand your horizon

One great thing about traveling on your own is that it teaches you to be a more independent person through all the new experiences you make. If years ago you did not bother about finding your gate at the airport, locating a street, or asking for directions because all this time there was someone who could just do all the things for you, now is your chance to see if you can make it in the world on your own. It is an opportunity to take care of yourself and overcome certain fears or things not so common for you. Things like figuring out what to do after you missed your connecting train because the first one was late, or asking for directions at two in the morning after the taxi dropped you off not exactly by your hotel thanks to that construction area. It may all be a good lesson for later and help you be more confident.

You will learn to budget

Traveling with family or friends has its benefits. Imagine you run out of money but need to buy something. You can just borrow some cash from your travel companions and everything is fine again. Once you travel on your own though, you will soon learn what it means to stick to a certain budget and how to manage it well over the days of your stay abroad. In the end, you will know how to live with less and still be a happy person.

In connection with the need to budget, you may also discover alternative ways of exploring your destination. While many people prefer to spend a lot of money on guided tours, which are not always of the best quality, you may find it more interesting to explore the city on foot or by the public transport, letting the free audio guide on your smartphone introduce you to your surroundings. A quick Google search should lead you to quite a few sources of such free audio tour guides for Europe and beyond.

May you have a nice trip and enjoy your new self!

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