Being young entails a lot more responsibility than most people think. With so many issues facing the world today, there are constant pressures on us not only to voice our opinions, but to act on them. We don’t do this the way people before us did; we have found a more creative and personal way to communicate our experiences during times of crisis. So, can our 140 characters really save the world?

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For the past four years we had structure: school, work, and study. We had professors, mentors, and fellow students holding our hands along the path to our diplomas. Now most of us have moved back home and are on our own. Our clubs have new presidents, no more exams to study for, and we’re stuck with the sense that someone is going to come along to help us. The truth is, there is no guarantee that someone will.

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Republican Presidential front-runner Donald Trump has stated that if elected president, he will construct a wall between the United States and Mexico to deter illegal immigration. Without addressing the patently bigoted, fear mongering behind this type of rhetoric, I would like to note that this would not be the first wall created out of fear of one group of people fearing another. In fact most walls, I believe, are intangible. We create them inside our minds.

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Looking for your own place to live can be a challenging task in European capitals. High demand for flats and rooms for rent together with limited rental offers can make this task nearly impossible. Here is the story of a young lady Sofia who is trying to find a room in a shared flat in Amsterdam.

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I am not a particularly interesting person; however, I am a person who is interested in many things: different languages, cultures, genres of music and literature, the list goes on. I have a burning curiosity that has led me to meeting people from all over the world who have shared with me their incredible stories. I have spoken with U.S. diplomats, Israeli and Palestinian peace activists, Turkish ambassadors, and Georgian and Armenian civil societies. From discussing tensions between Russia and the Baltics with my Lithuanian and Estonian hosts, and to learning about the various ethno-religious groups in the Middle East with my friends from Syria and Iraq, my curiosity knows no bounds.

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Civil society has proven to be an effective tool in conflict prevention and resolution. From Northern Ireland to Israel, from Bosnia/Herzegovina to South Africa – local grassroots organizations and NGOs dedicated to track II diplomacy have the ability to make conflict stakeholders go beyond sound bytes and stereotypes. The most important role these groups play is that they make the individual see their so-called enemy as a human being. They force individuals to meet strangers from the other side, and have a dialogue with them in a safe space. However, there are many problems that civil societies face. Many factors contribute towards discouraging the individual from talking to the other side. Communities can ostracize the individual, and in addition, the individual may not have the courage to physically meet with the other side. Recently, a new phenomenon has occurred which has the potential to change that problem: Social Media.

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Perhaps you, like many others, associate the word design with some kind of visual styling of a product, building, or printed material for the purpose of attracting clients and increasing sales. However, for the majority of modern managers and businessmen the concept of design has become a new way of thinking that allows them to handle a variety of intricate problems in a non-trivial way.

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2016 is the year of the modern consumer. We are transitioning into a period where smart, forward thinking brands are not just targeting Millennial consumers based on their age but are focusing more on all consumers that have adopted a “Millennial Mindset”.

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Have you heard of LEGOs? Yes, exactly, those little multicolored pieces which seem to be made only for children to play with and spend time building childish things. Correct, they seem to be meant only for kids - but it is not like that at all.

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My name is Muamer, and 21 years ago I saw blood on the falling stars. That night I closed my eyes and made a wish. That wish brought me a new life, although not one I expected or asked for.

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