The relationship between museums and their visitors, regardless of their age, has changed drastically in the last 50 years. Whether they were public or private institutions, museums used to serve only the wealthy, members of the elite, and exhibitions and events were planned to address the needs of that part of society. Having experienced museums as places where you can neither touch anything nor explore things that you are interested in, where you need to keep your voice down and follow strict instructions, it is not surprising that most museums have faced or are beginning to face challenges attracting visitors. Certain institutions have solved this problem and some are still struggling, but the progress made in the world of museums is notable.

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The world has changed irreversibly since Tim Berners-Lee invented the world-wide web. The Internet has become a basic tool, used by practically everybody. Imagining the world without the online platforms and content that we have today may be possible for the older generation, including the Millennials, but young people born as Generation Z or younger simply cannot envision their lives without the world-wide web. Since children start using the internet as early as age three, concern for their safety as active participants in the digital world was noted decades ago. So how do we reshape the online world in order to make it safe for the youngest users while keeping in mind their desires and needs?

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20/4/2017 - 11:53 am

Songwriters vs Digital Giants

Anyone not directly involved in the music industry lives with the belief that songwriters, producers, and artists live the lifestyles of the rich and the famous. Every time you play a song on YouTube or stream you can see the number of views it has and often times you will assume that means big cash in the bank for the artist who created the song. But is it really true? And what does the trial in the USA between the National Music Publishers’ Association (NMPA) and digital giants like Apple and Google actually mean? How will it affect the artists and the fans?

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There are people who say that their master’s degree took two years out of their lives with little to show for the time and trouble, and then there are the people who manage to look at it differently and say: “Oh my God, I actually learned something!“ Luckily for me, I fall in the second group.

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As the world is slowly but surely accepting the Millennials generation as the largest demographic of today, young people aged between 24 and 35 are on the go. The most educated generation in history, notorious for their unique lifestyles and rebellious attitude towards the traditional „way of life“, is slowly settling down. Typically, they are doing it their own way – by choosing to move and step out of the comfort zones that Baby Boomers have created. So if you are a Millennial, you are most likely to be educated and to have at least a Bachelor’s degree, and quite likely you plan on moving. So let’s see what the top cities in the world are according to the Millennials.

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5/4/2017 - 11:47 am

To Breathe Or Not To Breathe

The notion that air pollution is more than just a topic that environmentalists use to frighten ordinary people was unconvincing to me when I read about it in a textbook, but not when I felt it from my own experience. After spending a couple of weeks in the Czech city of Ostrava at the height of the winter heating season, where I participated in the project of the Faculty of Natural Sciences of Charles University (atmospheric air quality assessment and solid particles concentration measurement), I returned to Prague with acute conjunctivitis. The ophthalmologist, upon examining me, was horrified and asked how I managed to bring myself to such a state. Hearing in response that I had been working in Ostrava, she nodded knowingly and glumly advised me to avoid traveling to that part of Moravia in the future.

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3/4/2017 - 12:00 pm

Mandatory Positive Thinking

We live in the world that is too filled with flattery. It may sound ironic, since modern society is under the constant pressure of stress, not to mention a wide range of trends. So-called positive psychology can be considered as another blindly-followed sweet-talking trend, since its purpose has gone too far. In order to find a more direct route to happiness, people must learn to trust themselves, and also to encourage themselves to roam towards certain goals, without beating themselves up if they slip along the way. The charming face of this fashionable philosophy is why people resort to a self-help concept that advocates “positivity” and offers a variety of lists with rules for a prosperous life.

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A bottle left over from the water – in a yellow container, packaging left over from the milk – in an orange one, a box from the eggs ... Where to put a box left over from the eggs? We are almost accustomed to the fact that the waste that we daily produce in large quantities is subject to classification, and we follow the rules without much consideration. However, it is worthwhile to ask: first, what garbage and where to throw it, and secondly, if it makes sense.

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23/3/2017 - 2:00 pm

Tweeting Our Lives

Imagine that every social network is like a kitchen table. It is not limited by length, width, or number of seats, so you can have as many guests as you please. Now, imagine your kitchen full of dishes, ingredients, and you, preparing various delicious meals to impress your guests. Have you ever thought about how many guests your table should hold, and how much you are ready to invest in cooking and serving?

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In the accelerating age of digital technology, as we are anxious to get rid of the effects of stress and chronic fatigue, we resort to all sorts of tricks. Indulging the stomach with a product labeled «bio» is one of the simplest options. But then a lot of questions arise. What is a «bio-product»? How do we distinguish the real thing from a fake? Is it worth overpaying at all?

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