Governments, international organizations and individuals have always been fighting for world peace, a state of ultimate freedom, serenity, and happiness among and within all nations and people of the world. However, all the efforts that are being made to make this dream a reality seem to be, to a large extent, not enough.

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A dark freezing morning has the capability of making everyone wish they worked from home and could stay in bed with a warm cup of coffee.

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I know more about myself now, than I ever imagined; more than any person in history would have imagined for himself or herself. I remember every single detail now.

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The Israeli-Palestinian struggle is emblematic of all contemporary disputes over land. Since Israel's creation nearly seven decades ago, the world has witnessed the overall injustice behind the Zionist construction of the moral and legal framework that legitimized the dispossession of the indigenous people of Palestine.

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From vegetarians, to burger lovers, many youth around the globe are becoming more and more conscientious about the foods they put into their bodies. Here are stories of three students who were strong enough to change their habits and practice completely new eating behaviors. 

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"They transported us in wooden carriages. Another group of prisoners arrived along with us. They loaded them into trucks, but we for some reason had to go on foot. I remember the parade ground and these strange chimneys pouring with black smoke. We asked, “What exactly are they manufacturing for you in these factories?” But it was the people they had forced into the trucks they were burning." – From the memoirs of Yelena Kharina, a Soviet intelligence agent and Auschwitz prisoner.

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We live in the world of trends. Every day social networks offer us thousands of cheap, bold and simple ways to remind the rest of the world of our existence. 

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How do we assess films? Every one of us has own personal criteria. There is also a purely professional way to evaluate a film based on technical execution of this or that movie product.

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24/10/2014 - 2:00 am

Never Laugh at Freud

How is possible to win over extra weight? YT reporter experience.

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