The New Year has come, and just one thing is certain as we sail into 2017 – the media attention aimed at Millennials will not decrease. The generation that has grown up under the microscope of sociologists and other social scientists is strongly going forwards at all costs. One of those costs is the cost of moving away.

It has become one of the basic features of this generation – breaking traditions and demanding change. Now this has been most evident in the social activism movements that have swept away multiple laws across the globe, changing practices and habits. However, as this generation is entering adulthood and earning increasing incomes day after day, industries are beginning to fear the dreadful and merciless Millennials’ verdicts on their products.

With the Polar caps melting and unidentifiable, haunting, and curious sounds emerging in the Polar region, even wildlife and marine life are being driven away. Researchers, hunters, and fisher people have confirmed this reality. Many cities in the developing world are becoming unliveable due to pollution. Not just early morning smog but soot-filled air all through the day and night in many cities has already driven away birds. Humans are wearing masks just to be able to breathe somewhat purified air, above all in the highly populated and industrialized cities of India and China.

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