29/8/2017 - 2:00 pm

Saviors Or Role Models?

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Most contemplative humans go on evolving right through their lives. However, studies show, developments of early age in children and the young mostly go on to last a lifetime. These ‘developments’ may be something as complicated as spending habits which are formed as early as age seven according to a major study by David Whitebread or even bias towards self and others which can be built in a matter of days by age three.

23/8/2017 - 2:00 pm

Are Nitwits Overconfident?

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Awareness, kindness, basic decency are necessities not luxuries and are a hallmark of a person with easy confidence. Question is why are nitwits so full of confidence? Is this confidence truly confidence or is it traits such as bravado, swagger, brashness and bluster? Do these individuals carry a fantasy about themselves? Let’s have a look if research scientists and psychologists have anything to say about it..

As life expectancy goes higher and higher so do the risks of developing age related diseases. Since we humans cannot regenerate ourselves, enter the scientists. What are the latest success stories that science has to offer and are these attempts original or do some of them mimic age old and even primitive beliefs? Read to find out.

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